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Playing The Long Game

Today I came across a set of videos on Vimeo by "DelveTV" with the title, "The Long Game". It took me by shock as I realised how, in the midst of regularly available short term projects and steady income, I'd conveniently forgotten why I was doing this in the first place. I'd given up a career in medicine to pursue my passion and yet for the last few months, that fact had been relegated to the back shelf and an instinct to work-quick and get-paid had dangerously set in. 1 hour flight, 3 day shoot, 2 day edit, 20 minutes product and a week long celebration - until the next flight. 

This is not why I'm here. A huge thanks to the folks at DelveTV for that jolt of a reminder. It comes at a very important time and I (try to?) find myself in the heart of India's creative industry, here in Mumbai. We've started pre-production for a documentary about a very special man named Kishore Bhatt. Meanwhile, the evenings go by putting together a showreel from all the film and video work from the last 15 months and also a page-a-day for a short-film screenplay.

Welcome to my blog! Will try to make writing here a habit. Be sure to check out the videos below.  

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.
— Federico Fellini